Linda E. Knight, Principal Attorney

Linda E. Knight is a graduate of Boston University and New England Law – Boston.  She joined Knight Law Offices in 1993.  Linda has concentrated her practice on family law with a special emphasis on child custody matters both in Probate Court and Juvenile Court.  Linda has been a tireless advocate for children in the foster care system throughout her career.  She has been successful in getting children returned to their parents from DCF custody and she has also championed the rights of grandparents obtaining guardianship of their grandchildren.

If you are attempting to adopt a child, your best friend along the way can be an experienced family law attorney — someone highly familiar with adoption law, adoptive parents and creative solutions to their problems.  Linda is grateful to you for attempting to give a stable home life to an available, deserving child. Adoption is one of the more satisfying practice areas in all of family law. Ms. Knight works and lives your case with you, and it shows.

Linda Knight knows the adoption process. As a guardian ad litem, she knows about children's issues. As an adoption attorney who accepts parent coordinator appointments, she knows about parental aspects of family law. You will appreciate her firm, comprehensive grasp of what you need to finally realize your adoption goals. Adoption is not a do-it-yourself project. You can benefit from the input of a skilled family lawyer who knows about parenting and children's issues. Please contact Linda E. Knight of Knight Law Offices today.

In addition to the Massachusetts Bar, Linda is licensed to practice in the United States Supreme Court.